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T H E  R E A L M  O F 
T H E  U N R E A L

This collection pays tribute to freedom. From the “no limits” outlook we instinctively feel during childhood to the infinitesimal, limitless nature of the cosmos.

The knots and twists that fuse the fabrics and rich textures together come from the traditional tribal dress of Bedouin tribes. Wrapped, tucked and draped with such ease and elegance, the spirit of this timeless attire is reconsidered for contemporary ready-to-wear. Although deceptively simple, many pieces use complex and unconventional construction techniques like curved seams, twisted panels and bias-cut binding from Bahraini fabric.

Capturing that sense of abandon that only children enjoy when their imagination is at its most active and pure, the collection celebrates their endless curiosity and their hunger for independence. Some outfits follow the natural shape of the female body, accentuating only the waist, while others provide ample room to revel, ruminate, bellow and breathe.

Exclusive fabrics are once again produced in collaboration with Clerici Tessuto, the esteemed Italian silk weavers. Based on The Dying Stars series by Los Angeles-based artist, Kysa Johnson, the textile patterns are reminiscent of children’s scribbles or an epic telescopic view on life. Henry Darger’s ‘In The Realm of the Unreal’ and Paul Klee’s paintings set the backdrop for the collection’s overall mood.

Fluid, sensual and subtly rebellious, this collection is about a particular state of mind. It is where awkward, restless beauty is no longer at odds with being stylish. And where boundaries are bound to be broken. 

Fabric Development
in collaboration with Kysa Johnson