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The collection is a celebration of Bahrain’s rich agricultural heritage. While acknowledging the bounty provided by the sweet water springs that were found both inland and at the sea, our design concept also shines an honest light on the current state of affairs. The natural springs have dissipated due to land reclamation following the discovery of oil and this has negatively impacted the pearl and fishing industries that were thriving at the time. Bahrain is now shifting from a self-sufficient agrarian island to one that mainly relies on the importation of agrarian goods to sustain its people.

The point of departure was to design a jacquard fabric with an abstract motif and organic structure that is dynamic, uplifting and has a 3D quality. We started by researching old drawings of the indigenous fruit of Bahrain such as figs, mangoes, pomegranates and dates. Through drawing and painting, we interpreted these shapes to create an energetic artwork that was in turn abstracted into a unique textile design.

The resulting jacquard reflects Bahrain’s inherent sensuality and a sense of self-reflected exoticism while, at the same time, references the pavilion’s design features that are constructed of circular segments and straight lines. Taking the pavilion’s structure as a further point of reference, the garments in the collection echo its curved seams, multiple panels and detachable details that will be disassembled and reassembled back in Bahrain.

The rich texture of the jacquard, its vibrant colors, unique features and intricate structure are an ode to Bahrain’s own rich historic tapestry. This collection aspires to be a visual catalyst to help revitalize Bahrain’s local agriculture and paint an optimistic picture of its future.

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