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C H A O T I C  B E A U T Y

Whether it’s the ravaging effects of a natural disaster or man’s inclination to destroy nature, this collection explores both the visual terrain of its tragic aftermath and the volatility of the human condition.

Playing a central role in the collection are the absurd disorder of Willem de Kooning’s women series and Ryan Sullivan’s heavily textured paintings – marked by strata wrinkles and cracks that are reminiscent of aerial photographs of harsh landscapes, lava formations, canyons, topographical maps and corrosion.

The collection’s rich textiles and textures aim to capture a bird’s eye view of an anxious planet.
The boundary between mankind’s realm – cement, steel and asphalt – and nature’s patches of mountains, landslides and misty grass is marked by the contours of the garments. Undulating sleeves, keyholes, yokes, panelling and the swooping lines of fabric overlay are but a few of the techniques used to add a sense of drama and structure. Pockets – often plumped or protruding become a focal point, with their irregular shapes building upon nature’s twisted uncertainties.
Intensely tactile, the pronounced weights of the fabrics are an added surprise, with a sculptural effect that is born out of hybrids blending outerwear and ready-to-wear. Through piping and other details, magma flows seem to meander through fabrics which ripple to reveal gold, copper and iron bubbling up from below.

This collection is a restless one that seeks to make natures blemishes into beauty marks – and make a bit sense of the disarray we’re often surrounded with.